5th Avenue Style

Curvaceous: Whirled Domination — Worked to isolate curl trends from Redken-sponsored runway shows, as well as devise a way to talk about curly-hair celebrities without using celebrity imagery. This magazine was made in tandem with the launch of the Curvaceous line in order to market styling ideas and trends in which the products could be used.

Woman’s World — Mapped trends from Redken-sponsored fashion shows as well as forecasted makeup and nail trends.

On both projects worked with Redken Marketing Manager and Director of US Marketing.

PDFs of these stories for reading (without squinting) are available by request.

  • Role Copywriter
  • For 5th Avenue Style Magazine – Redken
  • Date Fall/Winter 2012 Curl Edition & Fall/Winter 2011 Edition
  • Type Internal marketing, brand magazine feature, trend forecasting